Pepsi’s The Sound Drop - Animator/Designer // Showtime’s Brace Yourself Image Campaign - Compositing, Animation // LIT! MTV Digital Pilot - Designer/Animator // Spike’s Ink Master: Shop Wars Trailer - Concept Boards, Design, Animation, Compositing // Ink Master: Shop Wars Meet The Artist Digital Campaign - Art Direction, Design, Animation // Bitcoin: Personal Project - Design, Animation // Book of Basketball: Book Promo - Art Direction, Design, Animation. 3d by Chris McCard // Bay Rizz: The Rescue - Producer, Art Direction, Design, Effects, Animation // MTVu Woodie Awards - Logo, Show Package Design, Animation, Additional Animation by Jen Epstein and Mike Erla // NBA Christmas Lower Half - Art Direction, Design, Animation, 3d by Chris McCard // Spike Rebrand 2011 - Design, Animation // Spike Brand Refresh 2013 - Design, Animation // Glory Kickboxing Launch on Spike - Art Direction, Animation // Bellator MMA: Promos - Logo, Design, Animation, 3d out of house // Spotlight: Show/Design Pitch - Art Direction, Design, Animation // Bellator MMA Open/Live Graphics - (Open) Concept, Boards (Live) Design, Animation // Performance Design: Hip Hop Honors, Country Music Awards - Art Direction, Design, Animation // One Night Only: Alec Baldwin Presidential - Special Effects, Mastering, Clio Award // Velocity Integrated Marketing - Special Effects, Compositing // Spike Rebrand 2014 - Design Direction, Animation Style, Applying Brand to numerous properties. Executed by Juniper Jones // Bar Rescue “One Man” - Endpage Video Art Direction, Design and Animation // Bo Burnham “Words Words Words” - Comedy Special Open // Plastic in the Ocean - Personal Project // Bobo Touch: Helpline (Trailer) - Art Direction, Design, Animation // NYC EBoarding Collective, Erogear Collaboration - Animation