Spike TV: Senior Designer, Animator

As part of the promo design team, we craft new and returning properties to fit into the overall Spike brand identity. I contribute art direction, animation style, and logo design.

Through the years I have been able to contribute to two brand re-designs and a brand refresh. We are currently rebranding again as the Paramount Network.


Mantra: Art Director, Animator

Mantra was a small motion design studio servicing Viacom networks as well as ESPN and NYC agencies. I worked closely with the Creative Director, Fred Salkind, on a wide range of projects.



Showtime: Designer and Animator

After graduating School of Visual Arts in 2006, I applied for an internship at Showtime and after was promptly hired as a freelance designer and animator under Christina Black to work on promoting the brand. I was lucky to work on the "Brace Yourself" campaign and learn what it's like to work with talented individuals. 


Paxen Films: Partner and Creative Director

Paxen is a small collective with my brother, Mike Rizzo, and childhood friends Mike Strandberg and Brian Strandberg. We created award-winning music videos and short films that screened in local Brooklyn film festivals as well as mockumentaries about the neighborhood Bay Ridge called Bay Rizz.